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IQ246 Ep 7 eng sub japanese drama

IQ246 Ep 7 eng sub japanese drama

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Main cast

  1. Oda Yuji
    Homonji Sharaku
    Main Role
    Fujioka Dean
    Supporting Role
    Terajima Susumu
    Supporting Role
    Tsuchiya Tao
    Wato Soko
    Main Role
    Nakatani Miki
    Morimoto Tomomi
    Supporting Role
    Miyao Shuntaro
    Jiro Yamada
    Supporting Role.

IQ246 Episode 7

Homonji Sharaku is the descendant of an esteemed, scholarly aristocratic family in Kita Kamakura where the line of eldest sons have had high IQ of 246 passed down from generation to generation. The present 89th head of the Homonji family, Homonji pursues nothing but knowledge. He is fond of saying, “I’ve nothing to do. I’ve nothing to do. Where’s a case that’s worth my while to solve?” Native title: IQ246 華麗なる事件簿
Also Known as: IQ246 ~ Kareinaru Jikenbo.


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